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our platforms

We have so many platforms to offer you, we're confident you'll find a favorite or maybe even a few favorites to enjoy! Find what platform you'll enjoy most by viewing them below.



LGS YouTube

We have all our family friendly content listed on our YouTube channel. These are always free and easy to find! Visit our YouTube channel and have some fun!


LGS private server

You can get personal with us on our very own server! Here you'll find our AD FREE "All Content" episodes as well as Exclusive Content that's only found here. You can gain access by purchasing it directly from the server or by becoming a qualifying Patreon of ours! Patreons get this content at a fraction of the cost! Find the links to our Server and Patreon at the top of this page.  



LGS Vimeo

Our Vimeo Channel is divided into seasons and it's AD FREE! Here you'll find our "All Content" episodes! Vimeo does not have the Exclusive Content videos like the server does but it's a high quality platform to access your favorite episode or seasons of LGS! You can find our Vimeo seasons by clicking on the link at the top of this page.



Become a part of the crew by joining our Patreon! This isn't the standard "Give Us Money" type of channel that you find so often on YouTube. For your donation to our series, you will receive quality rewards in return such as access to our server, quality swag and more! So, don't buy us anything! Buy yourself something fun to enjoy! You can see all the perks by viewing our Patreon home page.


Please consider joining our Patreon, just click the PATREON link at the top of this page to see more!

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