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2021 Survey Report

We recently hauled Calypso out so that we could complete a few tasks. While we were on the hard, we went ahead and had a survey completed...Why? Read on...

You usually need to get a survey when you're buying/selling a boat or when you're trying to get an insurance policy. We've found that insurance companies like a survey be completed within the previous 24 months. Sometimes they require the survey be completed out of the water. Our last survey is over 2 years old.

While we currently have an active insurance policy that didn't require a new survey, we know it could become a issue in the future during a insurance renewal. So while out of the water, we had a surveyor come out and complete one. This survey will be on hand should we need to provide an out of water survey to any insurance companies in the next 2 years.

We've posted the report on our File Share Page for you to view, if you'd like! Calypso had great ratings and the surveyor was impressed, which is very cool!

You can see the report by clicking here -

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