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5500 Miles Across the United States

Updated: May 1

If you follow our other Social Media accounts, such as our Instagram, you know that we've wrapped Calypso up and left her floating safely on the dock in Florida. You also know that we've moved into our RV and have taken a trip of a lifetime across the United States on our way to San Diego where we will welcome the new baby into the family.

See ya soon, Calypso!

San Diego was our base when starting this whole sailing thing. I (Jeremiah) spent a lot of my time there while serving in the USMC and our older children live there. So it was fitting to head home so that everyone can be together as we bring the next child into our lives. Along the way to California, we planned on taking a sightseeing journey instead of heading straight to San Diego. Our trip was amazing! I thought it would be cool to recap it here. We'll be doing a few episodes on our YouTube series about this trip where you will get much more detail so I'll make this short and sweet!

First, an update! I'm typing this while sitting in San Diego in a RV park. We plan to move from park to park here for the next couple of months while we visit with family, friends, Brittany gets the medical stuff she needs for the pregnancy, etc. Calypso is great! Our friend and previous owner, John, is checking on her often. We have some canvass work happening as well as monthly washing and bottom cleanings happening. Other than that, it's all on auto-pilot. Rhys is attending all sorts of activities to stay busy and play with friends and I'm on an editing spree to get our video series caught up some.

Ok, let's go through this trip across the country! First stop....Nashville, TN.

Our family loves racing...Such as Motocross, we've always wanted to try out a NASCAR race. So we booked a weekend at the Ally 400 Cup car race, drove the RV into a field with a million fans and enjoyed the weekend! There was live music, movies in the park for kids and so much more fun here. We had a great time. When it was time for the race we sat in the stands in amazement as those crazy cars powered up and raced around the track.

Unfortunately we only got to see about 15 minutes of the race live as there was a thunderstorm about 8 miles way that shut the race down. They told everyone to shelter in their cars even though the storm was so far away....Guess some new insurance thing. We ended up going back to the RV. At about 9:30pm, while laying in bed, we heard the cars fire up and start racing again. So we watched on TV from the RV.

Our next stop was Gatlinburg, TN.