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April 2022 Update

Updated: May 1, 2023

It's about 7am on a Wednesday in beautiful Key West, Florida! Note: that photo was taken by Jeremiah last night, I'm not drinking a beer haha. Good morning, I hope you're having a wonderful morning! I thought it would be good to update you on our plans as well as a few other items.

What's Up?!

We've been waiting for two things before heading back out on the water. One, weather. The winds continue to blow from the East which is exactly where we need to go and two, my morning sickness to decrease! The second is getting a little better but I'm still sick each evening from about 6pm and on. I just went into my second trimester, we plan to do a little announcement video for the Exclusive Content section of the video server and Vimeo later today so watch for that! Nothing too fancy, we just want to let the word out a little more now that I'm past the first trimester! Yay!

Whatcha been up to?

Our days have been full of video editing, Rhys is finishing up his last days of school for the year and boat maintenance! Lots of cleaning and polishing and Calypso is looking great! You might have read our blog post about our recent bumper boat fun. Jeremiah got his trusty buffer out and buffed that little scratch out. There is some gelcoat missing from under the lip but that can be fixed later. Slide the photo below to see the result!

We've been on a mission to edit and upload a video each week recently. One, because we bought a new Pepwave Wifi router and we have 500 gigs a month to play with! This has been a huge issue for us as most marinas don't have good wifi surprisingly and we quickly run out of data. 500 gigs has been amazing! Also because we'd like to get just a little bit more caught up on our series. We're a little behind right now but that will change as there were some breaks between filming coming...You won't notice the break on the series but we will catch right up once they come.

Having a little delay in the videos is a good thing. Mainly because when something happens, for instance a COVID lockdown, you, the viewer, won't have to sit there and watch us scramble for content to film for you...How many times can you sit there and talk about the "next thing to talk about" when you can't cruise? We like the action continuing on and a delay allows for those moments to happen. Regardless, we are working to just lessen that delay a bit.

So...The plan?

Jeremiah is watching a approaching weather window for this weekend. I think it's looking good for a Friday departure to head up the Florida Keys. It looks like we will have a few days, maybe even 4 to get more north before the winds start up again. Anything over 20 knots creates a pretty uncomfortable ride when going into the wind, we're trying to minimize the amount of time that I feel sick due to this new little baby Gecko LOL.

The plan is to take our time, sail north to a marina in Florida where we keep Calypso when we aren't actively cruising for hurricane season. We have a few things to do once there. One of them is install a brand new water maker! We've had nothing but issues with the Spectra on Calypso, Jeremiah has decided to install a second water maker which is awesome! It is a Sea Water Pro 40GPH unit, it's already at our mail service waiting on us to arrive!

I also need to establish care for this pregnancy. I've had two appointments at separate Doctor offices so far, which is great, but it's important that we get set up with a primary care and all that. Our new little crew member is due in October so that fits in great with hurricane season which ends (for us based on insurance requirements) in November!

We've also decided to start advertising for long-term crew positions aboard Calypso once we start cruising after the baby is born, you might see that on our website. We're excited to have someone onboard for a bit longer now that we had Lucy come. We enjoyed it and think that it will really enhance our entire experience, as well as our video series!

Make sure to watch our GPS tracker to come along this weekend! As long as this weather window holds!

Talk to you soon!

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