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Better Late than Never!

Updated: May 1

This week my (Brittany) Dad came in from Canada to stay with us aboard Calypso! Jeremiah tried to keep up with our work schedule so I could hang out with my Dad, but that quickly got shut down (by me) after just one day…Now that we have Brynn it's just not that simple anymore. So I asked Jeremiah if he could put off work to help manage the kids and make it a little easier to hang out with some family.

It can be difficult to live in a small space at times, especially if you have other people living with you. For Jeremiah, myself and the kids it comes easy as we've been doing it for seven years now, but when you add even just one more person to the mix it can quickly become difficult. Thankfully, my Dad has owned boats his entire adult life, we lived on them during my summers in Canada. So it wasn't too difficult for him to get used to it. We spent the week together (mostly at the boat) with two days at the RV so Rhys could show Papa (my Dad) his dirtbike skills. Plus, my Dad loves to get dirty so camping is right up his alley!

My dad left at 5:30 AM on Friday morning. Shortly after that, Jeremiah and I quickly got back to work on editing this weeks video. Well, to be honest, Jeremiah did most of the editing and I cleaned up the boat, got all the laundry taken care of and restocked full of groceries. Plus we can't forget that I have 2 kids to manage and I probably should add in that one of them was sick. Yes, sick. Lol. The day before my dad left Rhys came down with some kind of stomach bug. Yay.

Jeremiah and I both agreed that releasing the video late is better than not releasing one at all. So we pushed and got it done…We know that some of you look forward to those weekly Thursday videos so I'm sorry that it was late but better late than never!

Below you will find some pictures from my Dad's visit! Be sure to check out our latest episode by clicking HERE!

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