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Come sail away with us! Part 2

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

I don’t think I realized just how much I missed sailing! Day 2 might have been Rhys’ favorite day of them all. We caught a fish! Only took us being out on open water on active sail to finally reel one in but we did it. Rhys loves the excitement of getting the fish onto Calypso and seeing it up close.

As I’m getting my thoughts together for the day, Jeremiah is filleting our harvest so we can freeze the meat and make a proper meal when we are stopped. Rhys would rather have it for dinner tonight-- haha, but it’s difficult to prepare, cook and eat a nice meal while on sail. We will wait to enjoy this fish properly!

The seas calmed down a bit today. They are still a little rough but definitely not as bad as they have been. We are currently traveling at 6.6 knotts and the winds are at 14.4.

Day 3 I was feeling very tired and worn out from all of the sailing and night watches. It’s amazing how much that takes a toll on your body. We stopped in at St. Croix for the night to get a good night sleep. It was also AMAZING to be able to clean up the boat a bit. I was too seasick to do dishes and clean while on the pass, so at 4am when we got to St. Croix I was finally able to do those dishes and wash off some salt water that splashed inside during the rough spots. Then we headed out yet again!

It is now day 4 and we have a 24 hour said to Puerto Real, PR. While there we need to fill up our water tanks because our water membrane broke--- UGH! You know what they say about boats... We also need to get some fuel before we continue on. As I am writing down my thoughts for the day I am partaking in some yummy chicken and broccoli.

By day 5 I thought I would never see another human again-- haha. It wasn’t quite that bad yet but I was very excited to see some other boats that were part of our rally. We hadn’t seen any until this day. It’s currently super calm. It was very hot during the day, but as I’m writing this it’s finally starting to cool off. Thankfully the winds seem to be picking up so we will be able to sail more. I’m about to heat up our dinner for the night as Jeremiah is getting out of the shower, thank goodness :). He got the stink off of him haha! I complimented him on his new smell and he told me he decided to use cologne because he had to use my girly deodorant; we are out of his-- woops!

The weather has been decent today, there were some squalls yesterday as we headed off of PR and going toward DR, right near the horseshoes (or as Jeremiah got me saying-- around the ballsack). We will be adults one day, right?!

I am also trying to keep on top of wiping things down. As I’m writing this my chair is currently sticky from the salt water and my cheeky bikini is making my skin stick to the chair-- frustrating! But hey, I guess there are worse things, right?

Stay tuned for the rest of the voyage!

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