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Introducing Our Baby Girl!

Updated: May 1, 2023

We've finally settled in and have a moment to share some details with you! Our baby girl was born on October 12th, 2022 at 0802am. She weighed 7lbs 1oz and was 19 inches long!

On the 11th of October, contractions began at around 5pm. By 11pm, Jeremiah said he thought we should head into the hospital as they were increasing in length and strength. We dropped Rhys off at Grandmas hotel (my Mom came into town for the birth) and Jeremiah and I went to the hospital.

At first, my contractions were kind of spread out at about 7 to 10 min apart. They thought I may need to go back home to wait but when they checked my cervix, they found it was already at 6cm dilated which means that she was coming for sure! So they put us into a room.

Contractions continued as we waited for my cervix to get to 10cm. I was offered an epidural a few times but knowing that I was able to do without during Rhys' birth (he went super fast and I didn't have the option for meds), I knew that I could do it without meds for this birth as well. So I just pushed through.

Then at about 6:40am, my water was broken and I went into full on super crazy contractions. She was born at 8:02am, she was perfect!

Brynn Audrey Evelyn!

I picked the name Brynn, we love it. She was also given the middle names Audrey and Evelyn after two of Jeremiah and my Grandmothers. She is super alert and sweet! So far she is a blonde just like two of her older sisters!

After a while, we went to recovery. We stayed there for about 24 hours before we were released to head home on the 13th.

Once home, we've been getting into a rhythm of naps, breast feeding and changing diapers. It's been really great, we're loving getting to know her. She's been getting visits from siblings and Grandparents which has been so sweet! Rhys is really warming up to being a big brother, he's been so helpful! This morning, (14 Oct) we went to her first Dr visit and Rhys pushed her stroller everywhere. It's adorable!

We'll be spending the new few weeks with family while she starts off her new life with us! Thank you for all the wonderful, sweet messages that we've received! We're so happy that you're a part of this next chapter in our journey!

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