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Life on the hard!

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

As I type this, Calypso is sitting on dry ground in St. Augustine, Florida. This is the only place around us that can haul a boat the size of Calypso so we really didn't have another option.

That's kind of a bummer because of two things. One, the reviews of this haul out are not that great...Complaints of sloppy work, bad communication, etc and two, they don't allow you to do your own maintenance. You have to use one of their technicians or pay the yard 20% of what you're paying someone else. Crappy deal. So, we'll just stay very involved.

Either way, we needed to haul out for some (pretty standard) jobs before we head off the dock. They are:

Bottom Paint.

Cutlass Bearings.

Recondition the Max Props.

They've begun the bottom paint procedure...Which means sand the boat down and then apply two new coats of anti-fouling paint. We use Pettit ViViD bottom paint. It's what we've always had on Calypso. Awesome color and it's done pretty well as far as keeping the bottom clean.

The Max props are off and we've shipped them to Washington State to a company that is the best at reconditioning these types of props. From what we understand, they will come back looking amazing! We're so excited about that! We're looking at a 10 day turn around for that.

The cutlass bearings are a little worn, so while the boat is on the hard we will replace them as well. These are basically a brass fitting that holds the prop shaft at the hull and another at the strut. They are a wear item, you want to stay on top of them because they can cause some big vibration and wear if they get too bad. Also something that you want to do while out of the water, so you take advantage of it while you can!

We're hoping to splash her in mid December and then start looking at departure dates. Where are we going? Stay tuned!

Please free to comment below with any questions and comments. We love hearing from you!

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