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Meet the New Crew Members!

You might know that we've been looking for crew to come aboard Calypso. We thought it would be a great way to give someone a cool experience and to have a lot of fun! We've been interviewing LOTS of applicants and have selected a couple of people to come aboard VERY soon! We couldn't be more excited!!

Let's meet the two ladies! In no particular order, of course.


Lucy is from Brazil, she loves to cook and travel which is pretty perfect for coming aboard this boat! She owns her own real estate business which is very cool and allows for time away to cruise! Watch for her to come aboard soon!


Angie is working towards her USCG Captains License so coming aboard is an awesome way to help her achieve that goal! She has sailing experience, we hear she's great at trimming sails so we're excited to see her aboard!

Look for them to come aboard VERY soon, we're so excited and hope they are as well!

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