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My little Q&A recap!

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

We recently asked you to send in any questions that you may have, we wanted to answer them on an upcoming video. We got a great response with some really good questions. It was hard to choose from so many but we ended up selecting some that talk about editing videos, boat status, John and my little toy collection!

I’ll go ahead and post the questions below with my bullet point answers for you to take a look at but the video goes into much more detail. Remember, this Q&A can only been viewed on the server at or Vimeo.

If you have any other questions come to mind while reading this then go ahead and send them in a message. I like to collect them and save them to answer on future videos or Patreon posts.

How do you decide on camera placement?

  • Have the camera ready

  • Shoot on the fly

  • Keep it real, no staging

  • Composition and lighting is key

  • More people to film would be nice

What camera do you like best?

  • Jeremiah likes the Canon 5D

  • Brittany likes the iPhone

Preference of video editing software?

  • Final Cut Pro

How long does it take post production to finish an episode?

  • Day 1 organizing

  • Day 2 & 3 editing

  • Day 4 finalizing and rendering

  • Day 5 release and responding to comments

How did you meet John the previous owner?

  • At a marina in Florida while prepping for hurricane Mathew

What’s Johns boating background?

  • Power to sail and probably back to power, sailing wasn’t for him

When will the boat be repaired and back in the water?

  • Spoke with factory recently on status, hopefully a couple of weeks

  • Cost to fix was about $5000.00 with shipping

What happen to the sexy toys you brought?

  • I left them and just purchased new ones!

When will I be demonstrating the sex toys?

  • I’ve already started LOL

What does your tattoo spell?

  • My tattoo spells my husbands name, Jeremiah

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