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Updated: May 1, 2023

After making it back to the US and figuring out the logistics of COVID, we started thinking about the rest of the gear on the boat. As you know, we were excited to get back to the US so we could go shopping for some new equipment and get some repairs done on Calypso. As I was going through our inventory, I realized that I haven’t told you about some of the best boat lights we have found!

Luci Lights are some of our favorite things to have around the boat. First of all, they are solar powered! They are also inflatable so the perfect addition to boat life. There are 4 settings: High, Medium, Low and Flash. Having a flashing light on a boat means distress-- we need help! On the off-chance we were in distress, it’s nice to know we could use the light to signal to other vessels.

We mostly use the lights to keep the boat more lit up at night. The last thing we want is for another boat to accidentally get too close because they couldn’t see a part of Calypso. It’s nice to keep the area by Rhys’ room extra lit because he is our most precious cargo :). We also use the lights to add a little ambience for having drinks in the cockpit.

The Luci Pro series is amazing for our emergency ditch bag. These lights are inflatable and the Pro Series even has a USB plug. If we were in an emergency and needed to use our satellite phone, we would have peace of mind knowing that there was also a way to charge it. We leave this light in the emergency bag at all times.

No need to plug in these lights-- as long as you have the power of the sun, you can have lights. It even tells you how much battery it has left so no guessing how long you will have light for. While these lights are absolutely perfect for boating, I think you could get great use out of them while camping, hiking, backpacking or even set up on your deck! Also, for your household emergency bag, the Luci Pro Light could be extremely useful.

We are NOT sponsored by this company-- we just think it is an amazing invention and definitely something that makes our lives easier and safer while living life on the water.

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