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Swimming with SHARKS?!

Updated: May 1, 2023

Would you swim with sharks? I would've quickly told you "No!" had you asked me prior to our sailing life. I've swam with sharks a few times over the past 8 years of living aboard. All but one experience has been a little scary. I've always been a little on edge when seeing them while scuba diving or snorkeling, but this experience was very different while swimming with Nurse Sharks.

Usually, I avoid sharks to the best of my ability but Nurse Sharks are known as the "puppies" of the shark world. They're very sweet! You can find this experience in the Bahamas at Compass Cay Marina. We sailed to this extremely beautiful location and spent the day exploring and swimming...Yes, with the sharks! It was one of my most memorable experiences, all at a minimal cost. This experience has changed my outlook on sharks, now knowing that all sharks aren't as scary or as dangerous as one might think.

We documented and filmed our entire experience for you! You can check it out on this weeks video!

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