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Update and Big News!

Updated: May 1

First, the info below is a secret so please keep it under wraps.

If you use Calypso's GPS tracker, you know that we're safely tucked away into a marina in Key West, Florida! How did we get here though?...Read on!

We sailed from northern Florida to West Palm Beach about 6 weeks ago. The sail went great, Calypso handled perfectly! It was a mixture of some ICW and offshore passages. Once in West Palm Beach, we tucked in, waited out some bad weather and started waiting for a weather window to cross to The Bahamas! We also made a plan with one of our daughters, Meghan, to fly from California to Florida and join us for the passage to The Bahamas!

Once a window presented itself, we made a plan. This included all of us having to get COVID tests within 72 hours of arriving to The Bahamas. Now, this requirement was changed from 5 days to 72 hours recently and it's an absurd amount of time to get everything done. Mainly because of test result times, etc... So it goes like this:

Day 1 - Get test...Timer starts to arrive in Bahamas within 72 hours.

Day 2- Hopefully get test back (you know how that sometimes goes). Once negative test is back you then have to create an online account with The Bahamas customs and upload your test for approval. This approval can take 24 hours.

Day 3 - Depart for Bahamas and make sure to arrive in customs by the time you took the test 3 days earlier.

It's tight, there is zero room for error. Here's how ours went for a Sunday morning departure for The Bahamas with an arrival in Nassau on Monday.

Friday - We got our COVID tests taken in Florida, our daughter got hers in California, then she gets on flight to Florida.

Saturday - Meghan arrives, we get our test results. Still waiting on Meghans.

Sunday (and day of passage) - Meghans test comes back negative! Seriously just a hour before our departure timeframe. However, during upload to customs Jeremiah noticed that the "Test Taken" date was marked as Thursday, not Friday. Even though she got the test done on Friday...This was an error made by the Walgreens in California. And guess what, it's Sunday and they're closed.

So that put us out of the 72 hour window for customs. We were set to go after a few weeks of waiting and someone made a stupid mistake that ended that little dream. We could have just left and hoped for the best but there were no weather windows for a return to the states projected and Meghan had to fly back out in a week. We couldn't risk being put in quarantine and we couldn't just sail back. So the window was gone for us.

No reason to get all down about it though...We pulled the anchor up, went offshore and had a great few days at sea sailing down to Key West! Meghan hadn't been to Key West before, this place is very special to us (we met here, got engaged later here and married some time after that) so it was exciting to share everything with her.

We pulled into a marina down here and enjoyed the town for a week until Meghan had to fly back to California. Then what?.....Well....Guess what!

Not long before departing we had begun trying to get pregnant. We've always planned on having another child and this was the time...We figured it would take some time to get pregnant however, as it took a year with Rhys. This time, not so! LOL...We got pregnant during the first month of trying! We figured we'd be cruising around knocking some travel out while we tried but this little baby was ready!

So yes, I'm pregnant!

We still plan on cruising around, maybe even to the Bahamas still but I've been super sick with morning sickness for a few weeks now. I'm at 10 weeks today and that should taper off soon. Once that happens, we'll be off the dock sailing again!

You are the very first we've notified and won't be announcing it until I'm out of the first trimester. So keep it a secret please! Comments and messages here are fine though, if you want to share your thoughts!

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