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We've decided to set sail!

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

Big decisions are so difficult to make! For the last month or so we’ve thrown around the idea of sailing back to the United States. It seemed to be our daily topic for discussion-- not only between Jeremiah and myself, but also among all the other cruisers. Why on Earth would we want to sail back to the US when we are in the prime location for hurricane season? Well, the answer is actually pretty simple! We are getting stir crazy; we want to explore, sail and discover new places!

Yes, Grenada is the perfect spot to wait out hurricane season if you’ve been sailing the entire cruising season, you’re ready for a break, you need to get some boat projects done and/or prepare for the next cruising season. As you know, we sadly haven’t been able to do much sailing this season. At the beginning of this cruising season,right before we were about to drop the boat in the water to take off, we discovered that our rudder needed to be replaced. That fix took several months and by the time the boat was finally ready, the pandemic was beginning and the effects were starting to be seen. The very little time we had left of the cruising season we’ve spent sitting here in Grenada, watching as all the islands closed their borders.

We know that we aren’t going back to the US in the condition that we’re used to, but that’s okay. We’re prepared to take it head on and adapt to the current condition just like we always have in the past. We’re excited to be able to check in via our Roam App and sail the entire East Coast of the United States. Our plan is to sail from Florida all the way up to Maine while keeping our distance from land--just like we’re doing here in Grenada.

A lot of my cruising friends have told me they wish that they were here in Grenada with this approaching hurricane season.They were a bit surprised to hear that we’ve decided to leave, however they understand our reasoning behind it. It’s pretty simple; we have been here for far too long. We’re living this lifestyle so we can continue to move and explore new parts of the world. Going in this direction will allow us to cover some ground, and give us the ability to continue gathering our awesome video footage for all of you! Plus, we have all the upgrades that we’ve done to the boat, and they need to be put to use. We feel like the boat and crew are fully prepared to take this long passage head on. Stay tuned for our projected departure plan and please feel free to comment below any thoughts you may have!!


P.S. Keep and eye out for the link to our tracker where you’ll be able to follow our track as we make our way from Grenada to the United States!

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