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Website and other updates!

We hope that you've had the most wonderful holiday season! We enjoyed time with family mixed in with a little boat fun which was great!

This post is about the updates to the site but first, Calypso is in the water and is Fully Mission Capable! We took her on a shake down cruise to St. Augustine where we grabbed a mooring ball for New Years Eve, she preformed flawlessly! The new paint is amazing and the new props are awesome!!

We're currently going through the boat, organizing and cleaning every compartment before we look for a weather window to head south. More on that later!

We're excited about a couple of updates to this website! First, we have Challenge Coins in stock!! They are available for purchase under the QUICK SHOP link above...Let me tell you, they turned out AWESOME!! Way better than we even expected!! Grab yours now because once we leave the dock, we won't be able to ship them until we return.

We've also updated our ABOUT page. We'd like to invite you to learn a little more about our lives and how we got here by checking it out at

Enjoy and there's so much more to come!

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