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What's up with the opportunity to crew aboard Calypso?!

You might have seen us advertising on Instagram for Crew recently, we've received more than a few questions as well as a ton of inquiries!

A while back we had a live aboard Nanny, Tara. You'll meet her before too long as we're almost caught up to those episodes in our series. We brought her on as a Nanny and teacher for our son, Rhys. It was great! Tara fit in well and Rhys loved and adored her. After her time was over with us, she went back to her regular routine back home. We actually went and spent a long weekend with her recently. She'll remain a dear friend and will probably come aboard again one day in the future.

Tara is an amazing teacher and Nanny! That's why she was brought onboard. While she was there, we (Jeremiah and Brittany) ended up doing the same shifts as always on passages which can be difficult at times. It was fine because she was so wonderful for Rhys and that's why we bright her onboard. However, now that she's not filling that role, we have space and we'd like to share this amazing experience with other people! This time, instead of a Nanny, we want someone that would like to crew the boat as well as just pitch in with regular stuff. Not necessarily a sole Nanny role or teacher role.

So we thought we'd advertise to the masses! There are always concerns with bringing people onboard but we have an extremely thorough screening process (background checks, interview processes, references, etc) in place and only the extremely qualified will come aboard.

Whats the plan then?

We're planning on taking some pretty big and cool passages soon, we're prepping Calypso with new bottom paint, new props, and new cutlass bearings right now! We're excited to bring other people with us for a week or two at a time so they can enjoy it, help with shifts and usual tasks aboard a boat. As well as mix in with the video series! We have two spare beds on the boat, we already have two very qualified ladies in a holding pattern for the next move. So excited!

If you or someone you know would like to experience this type of adventure, let us know by submitting the info on the CREW page of this website.

Have questions or comments? Type them up below!

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