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What's the Plan?

Oh my goodness, we've been busy!! Over the past few months we've been doing repairs and maintenance on Calypso as well as getting other items in order. The dust is now beginning to settle and we have a plan! What is it? Read on!

Calypso was in need of some love, that's for sure. We've replaced props, repaired the anti-fouling on the bottom, overhauled the generator and so much more! Jeremiah has also purchased the gear to do our own compounding, polishing and waxing which is huge! That's a necessary task if you want to take care of your boat and believe me when I say, it's expensive to pay someone else to do it! About $400 later, we have everything we need. This is a task that we've been quoted $4000 for...For just one service. We'll do it ourselves.

One really cool thing we've done is installing a GW Security surveillance system aboard! This is not only great for security (you can monitor the entire boat from an app, even at night), it's a great addition for our videos series! We're excited to see how that plays out!

The last thing I'll mention is crew. You might know that we've been interviewing potential crew members to come aboard Calypso for a bit. We've reserved two spots in the next couple of months and have selected two wonderful ladies to come aboard! Well, them and Tara who you'll meet soon on the videos! She has asked to come again and we're excited for that!

So the boat is decluttered, engines are serviced, and all compartments are organized. She's ready!

Jeremiah is getting a DTAP shot on this coming Monday as well as all of his precautionary prescriptions refilled, then we will stay away from people, wait 5 days or so before departing just to make sure we didn't pick up any bugs (don't want to get sick right after leaving). Then we will start to make our way to south Florida! We plan to jump to the Bahamas and explore some areas we missed before as we make our way towards Puerto Rico. The plan (and this can, and usually does change), is to leave Calypso on the hard abroad during hurricane seasons from here out. Then we'll fly back to travel in the motorhome during those months. That way we can keep moving! Sitting still during those seasons drives us nuts so we're excited to keep exploring!

We're so excited to be off the dock cruising again! Stay tuned!!

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