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NOTE: This contains images that may have slight nudity or see through bikinis so 18+ adults only. 


Get your calendar! This is a high quality 12"x12" calendar that you or your loved one will enjoy for the entire year! These can be purchased for any 12 months that you'd like! 


Brittany is the First Mate aboard Sailing Vessel Calypso. She's learned the in and out's of sailing by trial and error, she truly loves the sailing lifestyle. She also enjoys taking photographs, modeling bikinis and more. The LGS Brittany Calendar was created after she received multiple requests to make one, it's now on it's 4th year of production.


If Sailing Vessel Calypso is in port, it's possible to have the calendar signed. If not, the calendar will be shipped without her signature. 

LGS's Brittany Calendar

SKU: 364215375135191
  • There are no refunds or returns. 

  • Shipping to the contential U.S. only, shipping costs are included in the price. This will be shipped directly from the manufacturer. 

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