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Behind the Scenes

Updated: May 1, 2023

Since filming for the past 5+ years, we have used a few different pieces of equipment and we feel very confident in our choices that we are using today! Most recently, we have been using a Canon 5D Mark IV camera. While it’s almost perfect, life on the water is not good for technology, and over time, the audio port ends up going first, usually.

When this happens, the audio gets completely ruined. The most difficult and sometimes heartbreaking part is that you won’t know it’s happened until you review the footage. All of that footage is essentially garbage afterwards. Sometimes it sounds staticky or a strange repeating sound.

The first time we noticed it while we were filming, so we shipped it out to get fixed and they shipped it back. To get it fixed was about $500, but then the same thing happened about 2 months ago, This time, we didn't notice while we were filming but it was not too long afterwards. Now that we know this happens, Jeremiah will check the content from time just in case. This is important to do because you want to catch it quickly. This way you can fix the problem ASAP and not destroy the footage you have worked for.

It’s amazing how life works out sometimes. We noticed the camera was broken again while we were in a Marina in NY getting the boat fixed from the hit-and-run. We always ship our cameras to B&H Photo Video and it just so happened that it was only a short subway ride away from us.

Jeremiah randomly found them about 15 years ago and the place is awesome. They have every camera you can think of in stock and their shipping is great. So we ended up actually going there! We brought our 5D and our backup camera-- Cannon XC 15. We never really used the backup because we didn't like the quality of the video and it was also so technical that it would take too long to teach someone to use it.

Once we got there, we asked if we could trade our 2 cameras in to upgrade to a newer model. They gave us an $800 credit for each camera totaling $1600. After weighing our options, we decided to get two brand new 5Ds. So now we have great cameras for main AND backup!

The bodies of the cameras were a little pricey at $2,500 each, but we also had that $1600 credit! The reason why one looks a little different than the other is because one has a battery pack on it. We decided to get both cameras not only to have a backup in case one fails, but also for when we have crew or guests aboard, we can give you 2 different perspectives. These 5Ds are amazing for photography and video-- phenomenal cameras all the way around and the BEST, in our opinions.

We didn’t stop at the camera bodies either. Since we never get to look at these items in person anymore, we decided to take full advantage of being able to tangibly feel and see the difference in items we had been eying. So, we decided to look at their microphones since we had been thinking of getting a new one anyway. Just like lenses, microphones are just as important. After perusing the options, we went with a brand new Rode Microphone. This one is more electronic and it’s also rechargeable. Jeremiah was a little worried in the beginning because it has a battery rather than plugging into the camera’s power. He was worried about the battery failing, but you get about 20 hours of battery life. We haven't had to charge it once since we got it, and it's been about two months so that’s great!

As far as the quality-- I've already listened to some different footage and it's SO GOOD. Just listening to the replay on the camera it sounds like we are inside the camera haha. I’m so glad we got this new mic!

--BUT WAIT, there’s more--

One day while we were taking pictures our flash failed, so we obviously had to upgrade while we were there anyway. We ended up picking the 600X, 2-RT Canon flash speed. Typically Jeremiah mounts the flash on top of the camera, but with this upgrade we also got a speed light transmitter, ST-RT which basically talks to the flash. So now, the flash can be on the other side of the room on a tripod so it makes the lighting perfect, we have complete control now! It also came with the umbrella and a few extras for photo shoots.

What about lenses, you must be asking?

We already had lenses so we didn’t need to buy new ones. We have a wide angle lens, 16-35mm, and a typical 24-105mm lens. These are both amazing quality lenses from Canon-- red ring and all :). When you hear that half the quality of a camera is in the lens, it's true. One lens can easily run you thousands of dollars, so we were happy to use the lenses we already had!

We are so excited to play with the new items and get you guys some even more amazing footage!

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