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Boat Life Hack! (Possible Gift Idea)

Sometimes, even after years of living aboard, you find something that makes life on a boat easier. Maybe you just fiind something or maybe someone invents it...Which leaves you wondering...

"Why didn't I think of that?"

We've all been there. Here's one! We're naturally pretty OCD, keeping the boat organized and clean is a priority for us. One of the items that we can't stand is water sitting on the floor after a shower, a wet sponge on the ledge after washing dishes, etc...Water just left to soak into the floor or a wooden ledge drives me nuts. As do wet rags, a bath mat hung over the shower door to dry, etc...I can't stand it. Brittany found this product that, at first, I thought would be another return but it's been amazing. It's a stone mat that absorbs water, then allows it to slowly evaporate.

When you step on it after a shower, the water soaks right into the mat as you dry off. Air dry? No problem!

"Can I offer you a towel?" - Jerry Maguire

No puddles, no wet carpet, etc...Then you just leave it there to dry. It never even feels wet.

We have one on the starboard head floor (fits nicely), we also have smaller ones on the head's sink for a soap dispenser and one on the galley ledge for soap and our sponge. They've worked amazingly.

Units we have to soak up water in galley and head

We don't have anything to do with this company, we haven't received a disount for advertising or anything, so good or bad, it's not our fault if you hate it! However, this product has really been great so far. If you'd like to give it a try, you can find them HERE.

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