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Is it really Clothing Optional? And how do you have SEX???

Let's get into an adult topic about life, especially adult sex life, while living on a boat or RV. This might be TMI...But if you read it, that's your fault haha!

Enjoying moments.

I get a ton of questions about our lifestyle...Living on a boat, living on a RV, traveling on both (a lot of people live on boats/RV's and never actually travel on them...which is the hard part), working full-time, being a family as well as mixing in the adult stuff that you might see on our Vimeo channel and our Server. How does that work? Is that real? Read on!

Our days are busy. We often tell each other that we need to slow down and enjoy the process...But we always end up going full-speed again. I think that we have trouble with not feeling productive. Jeremiah easily gets bored and has to be working on something and I'm pretty hyperactive. We have to force ourselves to lounge and it doesn't happen often, naturally. We recently met another boat owner that stopped cruising and started working instead. When we asked why, he mentioned that after a while of cruising it was "I'm anchored at a beautiful island, move to another beautiful island...over and over...Which got kind of boring to be honest". We can totally relate to that, which is why we stay so busy. If we didn't, we'd feel like we were wasting time.

" again?"

Mix in trying to maintain a marriage. We've been together for over 14 years now, we have to keep that going right? Have you ever been with your spouse every minute of every day for years? Wake up, they are there...Eat lunch, they are there...Working on something, they're there!....Go to bed, they are still there...ALWAYS. Now, let's have sex!....LOL. It can be hard on a relationship. You have to find what works for you to keep things fun and that's where the clothing optional part comes into play.

I enjoy being naked, Jeremiah enjoys me being naked lol. Making him happy makes me feel sexy. It's a circle, I guess. We found that if we mixed in some of that during "adult alone time" each day, it really helps keep things exciting for us. We have kids though....So that takes effort. It's not like we can hop up in the morning and go have sex on the bow....Although I'd love that. Nope, it's more like snuggles with the kids and getting the day started...Breakfast, answering emails, editing video, etc. Not complaining, as this is the business model we designed and absolutely enjoy. Just trying to paint a picture for you.

The day is full! So like anything other item on the to-do list, we make sure to give ourselves some adults only time during the day. Yes, even with kids onboard. We make sure to tuck away during what we call "adult alone time" (usually during nap time for a quick rendezvous on the bow, etc.). Basically a time that we set aside to be adults. If we're on the RV, we enjoy a really classy (believe it or not) nude RV park near Grandmas. Yes, they have those...and this one is AWESOME! The kids can visit family and we can be adults.

Enjoying some "me" time.

Either way, our adult time usually means that I'm dropping the clothes or dressing sexy and we're enjoying a moment together. That moment might even be cleaning the shower naked...Putting on a tiny string bikini...Or just drive the boat while naked. Yes, sometimes we stay productive at the same time lol That's when we might give the viewer a quick peak into our lives for Vimeo and our Server videos. It's fun, it keeps things exciting and almost gives us that "sneaking and playing" feeling which I'm sure helps spark things for us.

Feeling that spark!

Why film that? One, it's fun to share to be honest. We've had so many couples write in to tell us how our content helped their relationship in some fashion. I guess it shows people that it can be done. Even with kids, you can take time for yourself for an hour out of the day and enjoy feeling like an adult...No matter what that might mean to you.

I don't know how well it would work if we weren't so non-stop. It does take effort but in the end, it's so worth it. The fun during the day turns into a spark at night while we are in our private stateroom and can really enjoy each other. Hubba hubba...

Love birds....Now give me some space.

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