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Brittany's Adult's Only Patreon?

I get TONS of questions about my personal Patreon. I've had a separate Patreon from the Lazy Gecko Sailing Patreon for many years now. When we started sailing, I immediately found myself wanting to express myself on a more intimate level than YouTube, Vimeo or our Server provide a platform for. So, I started my own Patreon!

I run a side Instagram from LGS, called LGSBrittany, I post all sorts of content there. That platform can bring a viewer to the Lazy Gecko stuff as well as my own Patreon, called LGSBrittany.

"What type of content is on your personal Patreon?" - Viewer

It started out as bikini stuff along with nude shots from those photoshoots. My shoots almost always end up nude, it's just my style. So in order to share those, I started a separate Patreon page so I could share those photos with viewers that enjoy that type of thing.

Me just being me.

After time, my page also started to include stuff from my travels not necessarily on water. Other activities started to kind of mix in such as bed photoshoots, calendars, Jeep shoots, etc. So my Patreon started to include that type of content as well. Yes, my content on Patreon is mostly nude. That's because I share the rest on my more "G" rated platforms.

Life of a traveling woman.

In addition, my Patreon's can get access to my personal Snapchat for daily stuff and direct communication with me. They can get access to a huge archive that I have containing lots of sexy videos and photosets and more.

One thing that I love about having a separate Patreon is that it's not a part of LGS. It's just me being me and I'm able to do it without mixing it into the LGS videos, etc.

I hope that clears up the question about what's on my personal Patreon!



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