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What are all those platforms?

In addition to a YouTube channel, we also run several other platforms. These include social media accounts, personal servers, and other video platforms. Of course, we've received several questions about them over the years.

"What's the difference in all the platforms and what is Vimeo?"

- LGS Viewer

Want to learn more about the Lazy Gecko stuff? Read on!

Lazy Gecko Sailing's Brittany on Vimeo


The Lazy Gecko Sailing (LGS) Instagram was our first platform. Really, it started as a personal account before we went sailing, we switched it over to a public LGS account once we started the YouTube channel. We share real time updates here, announcements, video release announcements and more. This gives us an easy way to connect with viewers, friends and family.

Lazy Gecko Sailing Instagram

Our Webpage:

Now we'll get started into some content. The site you're currently on is a hub to reach all of our LGS content. It contains links, information about our boat, a blog and more. Plus there's a "members only" area where you can get even more, such as tracking Calypso's location and more. The members area can be accessed by purchasing it directly or by becoming a qualifying Patreon (see below).

Boat Tour at


The Lazy Gecko Sailing & Adventures YouTube channel is the main video platform for our adventure. This is a free-to-view, public page where we share the public versions of our adventure video series. These include ads, so viewers have to deal with that and these videos don't include any of the additional content found on Vimeo and our Server.

Lazy Gecko Sailing YouTube


Like a lot of sailing YouTube channels, we have a Patreon. While a fair amount of these are run like a "Buy us something" or a "Give us a tip" platform, we've decided to provide a service in exchange for a membership to our Patreon. Otherwise we felt like it was begging for a free hand out. Being a member to our Patreon gets you tangible rewards, and not just t-shirts, etc. Read about some of the rewards below.

Lazy Gecko Sailing Patreon


Our Lazy Gecko Sailing & Adventures Vimeo Channel is divided into seasons. Each season has it's own page. This is a PPV page where you can purchase or rent seasons of videos or individual videos. The videos here are similar to our YouTube series but they include additional scenes. These additional scenes range from information, like finances, to nudity. We live a pretty free life aboard and these paint a more vivid picture of what it's like to be on a cruising boat with a flirty First Mate. The videos are well-edited and fun. They are also AD FREE. The drawback to Vimeo is that it's separated by seasons so each season or video must be purchased separately.

Season 12 on Vimeo


Not only do we have Vimeo, we also have our Personal Server. This is a completely separate platform that includes all of the videos from our Vimeo channel plus more such as Exclusive Content and Live Streams. This server allows the member to receive access to ALL of the seasons at once as well as the additional content. So one cost gets it all!

Lazy Gecko Sailing Server

Access to the sever can be purchased by itself or can be accessed as a perk of becoming a qualifying member on our Lazy Gecko Sailing Patreon.

We're very happy with the layout of our content. We like providing free access to whoever would like it in addition to providing a deeper look into our lives through Vimeo and the Server. Running several platforms does create more work (editing three videos instead of just one for each of our episodes, administration, etc) and we have more expenses (PPV pages and servers are very expensive to maintain) but we think that it's worth the effort and expense. Our viewers enjoy getting a deeper look into our lives and the experience itself is way more fun than just watching a YouTube video.

Have questions? Send them in by completing the comment box below!

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