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Malibu Strings Bikini's Promo

Updated: Mar 30

First let me say that the video this post links to does contain brief nudity so if you don't want to see it, don't click the link at the bottom.

A few days ago, the president of Malibu Strings reached out to me and asked if I'd come up with a little video to share on their site. I loved the idea! He had viewed some of the LGS content on YouTube and thought our lifestyle would be a good fit with the Malibu Strings brand of sexy clothing and bikinis, I had to agree. These suits are for the uninhabited and geared towards a "lifestyle" type of clothing and swimwear.

I've always had several bikinis from Malibu Strings, I love them! It was pretty easy to find some good clips and photos to use for the video.

Wearing some of my favorite MS Bikinis

So I sat down and made a fun little video for them to share on their social media and webpage, I thought you might enjoy checking it out! Remember, this video contains some brief nudity.

You can view it by clicking HERE.

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