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Come sail away with us! Part 1

Updated: May 1, 2023

Wow! What an amazing passage we had back to the United States. It was full of excitement, frustration, beauty and FUN! We wanted to take the time to fill our patrons in on our trip back so it’s like you came with us. I took the time to write down my thoughts as we were going along-- enjoy!

All together it was a 14 day passage from Grenada back to the US including our pit-stops. Remember, however, that we were not able to get off of Calypso at all during the trek due to COVID and the restrictions in place. This means 14 days on Calypso, on open water and not stepping our feet onto solid ground.

Day 1 was full of excitement, anxiety and sadness. Grenada was starting to feel like home. We made friends with locals and really understood the in’s and out’s. While we are sad about leaving we are happy to have had this experience and now know we have some friendly faces to get back to the next time!

Heading to the US was definitely not in our plans. I remember when we were first leaving Florida on this journey I had jokingly said I’m never coming back! Well life changes and throws you curveballs-- you just have to adjust accordingly. Since the Carribean is basically on lockdown for the foreseeable future this was our best option to get some solid sailing in and see some amazing things. This trip actually came at a good time because Rhys needs a new passport. Since he is so young, you can’t simply renew his passport-- he actually needs to register for a new one. We have been told this process can take months so being in the US while this gets resolved will be the best option. The last thing we want is to be in a different country and not be able to fly back to the US if something were to happen.

As I said, Day 1 was filled with emotions but mostly excitement. I’m writing down my thoughts as I am on my watch. Jeremiah took the 6am-noon shift, I am on the noon-6pm shift currently and then we will go to 3 hour shifts throughout the night. So far we have had a great sail! I actually just dodged a squall. We have had a sprinkle of rain or two but nothing bad. Currently winds are on a beam reach. We have the main sail reefed but full genoa. We are traveling at 10 knots and the winds are at 20.

After this watch I’m going to heat up the beef stew I have prepared for tonight, make sure that we are all fed, and then hopefully get a little 2 hour nap in before my night shift starts! I can’t wait to see what the rest of the trip has in store for us-- don’t worry I will definitely keep a log so I can tell you all about it!

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