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Come sail away with us! Part 4

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

Currently it’s day 12 of our long voyage back to the US and we are almost there! As I write down my thoughts I am on watch, sitting here while everyone takes a nap. Jeremiah is out here with me on the couch, Rhys is in his room and Bella is in her pool. Bella has been doing great this entire trip! She is able to tinkle on her puppy pads and it seems like she really feels safe in her pool. The other night when seas got pretty rough she did have an accident in her puppy bed, but that’s going to happen. I threw that out and got her a blanket for the remainder of the trip

It’s been a smooth, calm night so far. It’s overcast but honestly that’s okay because I think we have all gotten a ton of sun. I have some tan lines that I’ll need to work on and Jeremiah is looking a little red!

We have 2 ½ more days, crossing the Gulf stream and heading back to the US. It’s such a strange feeling-- sailing back. I feel slightly like we are taking a step back from where we were but I keep telling myself about all of the exciting places we will be able to explore along the east coast of the US on Calypso!

While we are back in the US we will take advantage of the cost of repairs. We have a few things that need replaced and plan on getting a few upgrades. I definitely will be getting some new dishes and our bedding is getting old so we might replace that as well.

This passage has been bittersweet. Long, trying, nerve-wracking, fun, exciting and mentally exhausting. Jeremiah and I are working really well as a team and have come a long way together. We are very respectful of one another and we also make sure each of us is getting enough sleep. Dream team over here!

I can’t wait to get my feet on land and start exploring the US in a way we never have before! So happy you will all be here to share it with!

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