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Oh That Shine! Compounding a Gel Coat Hull.

Calypso has been in need of some love in the form of gel coat work for some time now. We've had a couple of companies come out and work on her over the years...That seems to always go like this...

Us: We'd like the hull compounded, polished and waxed.

Company: Oh yeah, we'll take care of you.

Us: You'll do all three, right?

Company: It's gonna look great!

Then you watch them and the most we've ever seen anyone do is use a rotary buffer once on the hull....Impossible when all three tasks (compound, polish and wax) require some form of buffing. It's a scam...And this is the type of thing that costs top dollar to have done. It just goes back to the old saying, if you want something done right...You know the rest.

Jeremiah started to research how this should be done, mostly on YouTube. He found a great VLOG that clearly explained a technique that Jeremiah agreed with. You can see that VLOG here -

So a little more research on types of compound, polish and wax and we were good to go! Jeremiah decided to purchase the following.


Presta Super Cut Compound - Link can be found HERE

This is the stuff Jeremiah used to gently buff off a bit of our Gel Coat. This takes the old, oxidized coat off to reveal a shiny new surface!


Presta Ultra Polish - Link can be found HERE

This is the second step in the process, this removes scratches and preps the surface for wax.

Meguiar's Marine Wax - Link can be found HERE

This protects the new surface from the elements, most importantly UV which will cause the oxidation once again!


He also had to get the equipment to use, he went with the following:

Dewalt Buffer/Polisher - Link can be found HERE