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100,000 YouTube subscribers!

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

We are honored, humbled and so EXCITED to officially announce our silver creator award from YouTube. It signifies reaching the milestone of 100,000 subscribers.

YouTube sent us this lovely letter that brought us on a trip down memory lane. It talked about looking back and remembering our 1st subscriber, 100th subscriber, so on and so forth until now where we are over the 100,000 subscriber mark. It talked about the community we have created with our unique content and congratulated us on our hard work and dedication.

It was really special for us to have John with us when we opened the award. He’s been a big part of our journey as well and having him here 2 years after we first signed the papers for Calypso made it all come together. What a special moment. We are trying to convince him to come out on a passage with us -- he agreed that it should happen, so hopefully we can figure that out in the near future!

Who would have thought that when we started this journey we would have come this far in a short period of time?

Don’t get me wrong, we definitely dreamed of creating this amazing platform while living the life of our dreams and bringing people along our journey virtually with us, but we had no idea just how much you all would enjoy tagging along and seeing into our lives.

We have done so much since starting our channel -- we’ve traveled to amazing places, met great people, created the best memories, and of course, made some fun and entertaining videos for our community.

Where will we end up? The sky’s the limit!

The letter from YouTube went on to talk about us one day reaching our millionth subscriber ((what?!?! How insane would that be?)) and that allowed us to continue dreaming big.

We want to end this by shouting a huge THANK YOU to you guys for being the best support system and community we could ask for. Let’s see where the next five years will take us...

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