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Brittany's Bikini Collection

Updated: May 1, 2023

I get a TON of questions about my bikinis....My favorite style, brand, where to buy them, etc...So let's dive into a couple of my favorites!

I have had a few companies send me their bikinis to try out. Some are great while others aren't. These are ones that I'd recommend out of the brands that I have worn.

  1. Bikini Addiction - Instagram @bikiniaddiction

Bikini Addiction is a "go to" bikini for me. They're sexy, comfortable and easy to wear! I'm often in a Bikini Addiction suit on the LGS videos. I'd totally recommend this for the lady in your life!

2. Malibu Strings - Instagram @malibustringsofficial

Malibu Strings are one of those "Lifestyle" type of micro bikinis and I love them! They can be super tiny so they're for those confident moments for sure!

3. Berrydog Bikinis - Instagram @berrydogbikini

Another super sexy brand, also a lifestyle brand. These are comfy and sexy! I like to wear these when we visit an adults only pool or something similar.

4. Vivienne Dufort - Instagram @vivienne.dufort

These are fashionable, I like to wear these while lounging around a pool with a drink in hand. While not something I'd wear while being active, these turn heads and I like that!

5. Wicked Weasel Bikinis - Instagram @wickedweasel

Super sexy and tiny bikinis! These are always fun to wear!

6. Annamay Bikinis - Instagram @annamaybikinis

Made from recycled materials, these are so cool! They're reversible too which is neat. Anna is a sweetheart too. These would be good for being active.

7. Spruika - Instagram @spruikaaa

While I don't wear a one piece very often, this company sent me this one and it's super fun! They sell shirts and other items as well. This suit is great for being active!


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